• March 1, 2024
Gifts for Home Decor

Gifts for Home Decor: How to Pick the Perfect Present

Adding personal touches to your home can make it feel more warm, inviting, and uniquely you. However, finding just the right decor items can be tricky. This is where home decor gifts come in! Giving someone a thoughtful home accessory or furniture piece is a great way to help them refresh their space and show you care. 

In this article, we’ll explore how to choose meaningful home decor gifts based on the recipient’s style, interests, and space. You’ll discover gift ideas for every room, from practical finds to purely decorative. We’ll also cover creative ways to present these gifts to make them extra special. Follow along for tips to thoughtfully decorate the homes of your loved ones!

What to Consider When Choosing Home Decor Gifts 

Before setting out to purchase a home decor gift, think about the individual you’re shopping for. Their personal taste and the functionality they need should guide your gift selection. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Style – Note the overall decor style in their home. Are they drawn to modern, boho, coastal, traditional, or other looks? A gift in their favorite aesthetic is sure to please them.
  • Interests – Do they have any hobbies, passions, or interests that you could relate a gift to? For example, a plant lover may appreciate a unique planter.
  • Space Size – Make sure any larger gifts like furniture will actually fit in their home. Measure their space or ask about dimensions if unsure.
  • Budget – Set a spending range so your gift is heartfelt but still affordable. An elaborate gift can spark guilt if it’s beyond their means.

Gift Ideas for Different Rooms 

Living Room Decor Gifts 

The living room is often where guests gather and families relax together. Surround the people they love with homey decor gifts!

  • Pillows in colors that complement their decor add coziness to sofas or chairs. 
  • A plush throw blanket encourages snuggling during movie nights. 
  • Coffee table books full of beautiful imagery sparks conversation.
  • Scented candles set the mood and provide ambiance.
  • Personalized picture frames display precious memories. 
  • Wall art, prints, or paintings add character to blank walls.
  • Table lamps provide warm, dimmable light for the room’s tasks and activities.

Bedroom Decor Gifts 

Bedrooms should feel peaceful, comfy, and like an oasis. Give the gift of restful sleep and a welcoming space to start their days.

  • Pillows in soft, soothing materials allow them to find their perfect head support. 
  • Luxurious bed sheets, a quilted duvet insert, or plush mattress pad pamper them.
  • A bedside table lamp illuminates nighttime reading or provides ambient lighting.
  • Bookends keep books orderly so they can display favorites.
  • A jewelry box neatly stores precious accessories and looks pretty on a dresser.
  • Wall art showcasing uplifting quotes or their favorite flowers enlivens the mood. 
  • Plush slippers or robes pocketed nearby promise cozy comfort during morning routines.

Kitchen Decor Gifts 

The kitchen is the heartbeat of a home. Surprise favorite cooks, bakers, and hosts with gifts to enhance their space.

  • Kitchen appliances like air fryers or stand mixers make cooking easier and more fun.
  • Cookbooks with cuisines they’ve wanted to try spark culinary creativity. 
  • Dish towels and oven mitts embroidered with cute sayings protect their hands.
  • A colorful fruit bowl keeps fresh produce visible and within reach.
  • Mugs become a canvas for their morning coffee or tea. 
  • Glass canister sets lend order to dry goods like flour and sugar.
  • Mason jar drinking glasses add casual, rustic dining charm.

Bathroom Decor Gifts

Even the humblest bathroom deserves a touch of style. Elevate their getting-ready routines with gifts of self-care.

  • Plush towels in their favorite colors pamper post-shower.
  • Shower curtains that resist mildew and coordinate with other accessories simplify cleaning.
  • Matching bath mats and towels tidy the look from floor to sink.
  • Scented soaps and candles stimulate the senses while they wash and primp. 
  • Small trays neatly corral cotton balls, perfumes, and other necessities.
  • A mirrored tray adds storage and light to vanities.
  • Art featuring uplifting messages brightens their outlook for the day ahead.

Outdoor Space Decor Gifts

Outdoor spaces extend living areas and provide fresh air. Perk up patios, porches, or balconies with functional and decorative finds.

  • Planters lush with greenery oxygenate the air while looking pleasing.
  • Solar path lights illuminate nighttime wanderings and activities safely.
  • A fresh welcome mat greets guests at the entryway with personality. 
  • Outdoor pillows and seat cushions refresh hard patio furniture.
  • Portable fire pits or chimineas furnish outdoor heating on chilly nights. 
  • Hanging egg chairs or hammocks promise cozy spots for reading.
  • String lights glitter overhead, setting a magical mood.

Tips for Presenting Home Decor Gifts

No matter if a gift is luxurious or understated, your presentation can make it feel special. Follow these tips to complement your thoughtfully chosen home decor gifts:

  • Wrap gifts creatively or place in gift bags tied with ribbon. Use gift wrap related to their interest if possible. For example, botanical prints for a gardener.
  • Include a thoughtful, handwritten gift tag or note. Share why you selected the meaningful gift.
  • If shipping the gift, make sure it is carefully packed to avoid damage. Use gift bags or tissue paper inside boxes to hold items in place during transit.
  • For large gifts that need assembly like furniture, print a photo of the item and place it inside a card. This builds anticipation for the big reveal! 
  • Offer your assistance with assembly or mounting if needed. Some items like wall shelves or art may require an extra set of hands.

No matter how you decide to present it, a well-chosen, creatively packaged home decor gift shows love and care.


Finding home decor gifts that delight someone special doesn’t have to be challenging if you keep their style and interests in mind. Thoughtful touches for every room help refresh their space and make it uniquely theirs. Focus on gifts that enhance their hobbies, evoke comfort, or spark inspiration as they go about their daily routines at home. 

When choosing home accessories and furnishings, be sure to consider the size of their space as well so your gift fits right into their lifestyle. And don’t forget that presentation can make a gift even more memorable! Add personal flair with handwritten notes, coordinating wrap, and creative unveilings. Most importantly, give them a gift that makes their house feel more like a home.

We hope these home decor gift ideas help you thoughtfully decorate the living spaces of your loved ones. Please share in the comments if you have favorite go-to gifts for refreshing someone’s home style. Happy gifting!

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